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We recommend that inventors take care when discussing their inventions with others.  A portion of protection may be obtained by using a nondisclosure agreement.  As always, your legal counsel should approve all documents prior to your signature.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements and Legal Documents

You will generally need to execute a nondisclosure agreement before disclosing your invention to anyone.  Discussing your invention with a buddy over lunch may constitute a public disclosure.  Under certain conditions, public disclosure will prevent you from obtaining a patent.  A United States patent application must be filed within 1 year of any public disclosure of your invention.  Many foreign countries have an absolute novelty requirement.  Public disclosure prior to filing a patent application is an absolute bar to receiving a patent in those countries.

We generally use a nondisclosure agreement having a standard format, and make modifications as needed.  Please feel free to download, modify and use the example at your own legal risk.  We recommend that you consult your lawyer concerning all legal matters.

A common method used to commercially develop an invention is to issue one or more licenses for others to use the invention in exchange for a purchase arrangement, or for Royalties.  Our legal contacts can provide all of the required documents to complete the negotiations and seal the deal.

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